My name is Katerina Sawyer and I’m an aspiring doctor trying to make it through my last years of high school.

I attend Awty International School in Houston, where I try to juggle my music, my job, and my studies and still find time to volunteer. I’ve had the dream of being a doctor since I was five. I realized  that I need not only books smarts, but also traits that allow me to interact with patients successfully such as leadership and quick problem solving.

To help me learn the skills I need, I am not only completing the IB Diploma but I am also a student of music. I currently play the alto and tenor saxophone (although I have been known to play the clarinet, bassoon, the bag pipes, and cow bells). Music teaches me important skills; consistent practice shows me discipline and performing on stage or managing events instills qualities such as organization, leadership, and quick thinking.  I know I still have a long way to go but I am confident that I have the skills to help me succeed. Receiving first  place in the ATSSB area auditions qualified me not only to perform in the All State Band  but also got me into theTri-Music Honor Society at the AWTY International School. This year I have been elected as the president and I am looking forward leading this group on several volunteering projects throughout the year that will involve music and the arts. Learn more about my  volunteering projects. 

Other than music, I also love working with children. My current job with a German band  Das Ist Lustig allows me to do that. I have been with them since I was twelve years old. I began with just playing a couple of songs on my saxophone with them on stage and been promoted to Emcee . Along with that I am in charge of engaging the audience. Some of my favorite performances are those in schools and community centers where I could dance and play with children. Their enthusiasm and pure joy when you interact  with them are priceless to me.

Working with children made me want to further explore the field of pediatrics. I have been told that I am good at captivating a child audience and I have been known to bring almost any child out of their shell and have a talent to pacify hyperactive or naughty children. It is very easy for me to connect with people of all ages but especially kids and  I believe this will make me a great  pediatrician.

From about the age of eleven I started my own volunteer band. This is called the Polka Dots project. Our motto is to bring cheer where cheer needed most. If you want to know more check out the volunteering page or connect with us on facebook