My name is Katerina Sawyer and I’m trying to make it through college while juggling a hectic schedule.

I  am a freshmen at Trinity University in San Antonio, Tx, where I try to juggle my music, my job, and my studies and still find time to volunteer.

Since I was a little kid, I knew I wanted to use my outgoing and friendly nature to change the world. I love working with people – especially children and senior citizens- and hope that my future career will lead me to helping people in need in anyway I can. Although I cannot do much yet, I use all of my talent and resources to help bring smiles to everyone’s faces.

When I was 11 years old I founded the Polka Dots Project and

Polka Dots . We Bringing Cheers Where Cheers are Needed Most

recently we celebrated 7 years of service with a performance at Methodist Hospital in Houston  learn more about Polka Dots  If you want to know more check out the volunteering page or connect with us on facebook

My family is first generation emigrants but I am living the american dream. I am lucky to have a job that I like; I have been performing with the German band Das Ist Lustig for the past seven years  all over the state of Texas.   As a part of my job in the band, I engage with the audience and get them to participate.  This means that I get the opportunity to dance and play with many wonderful children. The enthusiasm and pure joy that I receive when we interact is priceless to me. Check out my work history .

I know I have what it takes to fulfill my dream and I am familiar with the hard work and dedication. I started my journey as a street musician  at the French Quarters  in New Orleans but I ended up performing in Carnegie Hall  and at the World Saxophone Congress –  See more about my musical journey 


I am very proud to be active in my community and to be involve in many exiting things going on  around . This have brought me to the public eye , I have had several publications about my work and I have been lucky enough to publish a few articles myself . Click on the link to learn more