Galveston October Festival 2019

I am worn out! What a crazy weekend! It was cold and breezy in Galveston

Friday and Saturday, and I were out in it for 9 hours Friday, 11 hours Saturday. I was almost blown away by the wind! Thankfully, I made it through this morning’s performance too, just barely. Thank you to all who came and made the festival worth it. It was so much fun dancing with you and working with Das Ist Lustig.  Galveston is one of my favorite Octoberfests. Can’t wait until next year!



Texas Bandmasters Association Convention


The Bandmasters Association Convention was an amazing experience. I met so many great musicians and band directors. I not only met band directors but also composers such as the famous John Mackey. I had an amazing experiences in the classes and enjoyed walking around San Antonio. The town has so much character and I had a great time exploring. This experience will stay with me for the rest of my life.

Texas Band Masters Association

I am really excited to go the the Annual Convention of the 2019 Texas Band Masters Association in San Antonio. I will be there from July 25 to July 27th. I am excited to meet college band directors as well as go to some great lectures. I hope to get some great advice on how to advice my performance and competition skills on my saxophone. This is a great opportunity and I am excited to meet new and great musicians.

Internship with Dr. Fahl at Texas Orthopedic and Sports Medicine

This week (July 15 through July 22) I have had the privilege to shadow Dr. Fahl at his orthopedic and sports medicine clinic. Dr. Fahl specializes in problems with the shoulders and knees. I followed him around to see many patients and even got to witness 9 different surgeries. I found the experience amazing. I had so much fun and find myself wanting to go back.

I learned so much from Dr. Fahl; not only clinical skill like reading x-rays and MRI’s but also how to talk and interact with patients. I learned that surgeries were actually really fun and that although being a doctor is a lot of work, if you enjoy what you are doing it feels like fun.  I enjoyed every second of being at his office and I loved worked with the nurses as well. Stepping into scrubs made me feel like part of the team. I would definitely want to do this again.

Music Doing Good Scholarship 2019

This year I have been honored to accept the Doing Good with Music Scholarship through Music Doing Good. I have worked with the organization for many years and they have helped support my music career. Their scholarships allowed me to concentrate on other necessities and to meet some incredible people. I have had so many amazing opportunities through this organization for which I am so grateful. I am excited to start off this year with more music and more fun.