Polka Dots Project/Volunteering

The Polka Dots

The Polka Dots projects started with one performance. The idea of performing in a nursing home came from visiting my late father’s cancer appointments and visiting him in hospice; I remember seeing lonely patients waiting for there family members to come and visit so I decided to help. After a few performances I began inviting other young musicians and my friends to perform with me in places where “cheers are needed the most”. And with that, The Polka Dots were born.

We celebrated our  5th anniversary with the performance at Methodist Hospital In Houston TX . To learn more of what we do click on links for videos and articles: https://thebuzzmagazines.com/articles/2018/05/playing-saxophone-with-polka-dots

First Polka Dots performance at 2012


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 Tri-M Honor Society: 

This year I have been elected as the president of the Tri-M Honor Society. This year I am planning on many volunteering performances with the other members. Keep checking in for updates on our performances.

Other Volunteering:

I started my volunteering career when I was in pageants. I went where most young girls go, the animal shelter. I would clean cages and make sure that the dogs get the proper exercise (aka play with the puppies), while simultaneously resisting the urge to adopt the cute dogs.  Here is a link of my early volunteering in the shelter:


Recently, I have begun working more with children; this has been a very rewarding experience and I hope it can help me in my future career as a pediatrician. I have done several performances thus far, and I am excited for more to come.As an aspiring pediatrician I pride myself on my ability to communicate and get along with children of all ages. This is also one of the reasons why I started doing educational performances; it gives me the opportunity to peak the interest or love of music in the next generation.

I am also a member of the Belize club. We fund-raise money to help villages build important structures or buildings, like fences and schools. On the trip we also learn about preservation of wild life and the ecosystem through the World Leadership School.